Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holloween - How I love Halloween - explosion boxes

Hours, Days, Weeks, I worked on these boxes forever. Was going to make three more but changed my mind before I lost it. The boys are getting round cards. I will post them when done. These belong to the 3 little girls. Always fun to have something to open, and open, and open. In case you don't believe that I made three of them here they are.

Here is just oneUntied
Outside first box
Inside first box
The first top is off - what you see
First Box open second box still closed

Second box before it is connected

Outside second box
Inside second box
All together with box two open

Box three all alone
Outside box three
And the best is last - there is a big creep spider in the middle
And here is the haunted house
Look at what is inside - the cute little witch folds and fits right in

Then there is the spider web

with the maze book of There Was an Old Woman
And the pretty flower

With the Halloween message inside

The fourth inside page is a shaker page with a see thru halloween treat bag with ghost, spiders and witches inside.

What an experience.

Niece and Nephew

My niece and nephew have birthdays the end of September and beginning of October. I made them both cards. See if you can tell whose is whose.

Lala's Birthday book

The next birthday is the six year old grand daughter. I made her a book of sayings with the letters of her name. It may be over her head right now but it is pretty to look at and the sayings made me think of her. She is also getting some scrap book supplies to play with and her first James Avery charm bracelet. (If you are from south Texas you know what i am talking about.) Here is the book.




Travel Journal's

Talking about fast and easy. I found travel journals at M's for cheep, cheep, cheep and played around with them. I used my Glimmer Mist for the first time, and rub-ons. Added a flower, some thickers and ribbon and check them out. They are both a little different. They came with a plastic cover bound front and back and the elastic ribbon to hold them closed. How lucky could I get!!!

This one is my daughter's
and this one is mine.
Cannot wait to fill it up!

Birthday celebrations

I have three new birthday cards to post. Actually one was given on the 30th of August so I am really behind. There was a book that went with it but I ran out of picture time. Best thing is it was for my father in law and I will see him and the book again soon. Here is his birthday card. Everyone that makes it to their 80th birthday deserves a little bling on their birthday even if it is brown.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Behind again

I have fallen behind again. There are no new pictures. But the projects are stacked up. I have been just working away. Had to stop Halloween prep for Lala's birthday. Almost done. Should post by tomorrow. I have 2 travel journals - just KB'd up a couple of great Michael's finds (they were $1.50). Have to keep track of how we get to Australia and back. Will post tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

McKenzie's Birthday Book

I did it! I finished Mc's book in time for her to get it at her new home on her big second birthday. I included pictures of all of her family, mom and dad's sides. I think it turned out pretty neat - her big brother even read it to her on her birthday night. There was an extra in the box with the book. A quilt by K to match the book. It is a quickie tie the yarn quilt, not bad with a broken finger.

Here is the book with all the pages so all the aunts, uncles and cousins can see themselves.