Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SRK Birthday book

I love this book!!! The pictures dont do it justice but my good camera is not charged so i used the old one. I hope Savanah is happy!!!
I am not showing all the pages - there are at least two water color pages with stamps in brown of either designs or sayings on each. There is lots of space for journaling or putting pictures of family and or friends. There are a couple of envelopes tucked in to save special things in too.
There will also be some of the paper that was used on the pages included so SRK can use them in the book if she wants.

Here are the inside pages that are supposed to reflect what she likes to do and what she is involved in. Hope i got it all correct.

This was really fun - hope she likes it!!!

So much to post so little time

Oh Me of My I cannot believe i really have not posted anything in soooooo long. I have so many projects that i have not even taken pictures of that i have already given away i am sooooo sad. But here is the nlatest - hot off the press. Be patient with me i am working on getting the pictures up.